“Be The Muse”, What Does That Even Mean?

“Be The Muse” is my company tagline. I chose this phrase because it represents the mission of my company, and my individual goal, to be an inspiration to the world. It was never just about me, however. I have muses, beings that inspire me to be better, to create, to live fully. I am that for many, as well. But, I want everyone I speak to, each individual I touch in some way, to know they too are a source of inspiration.

What is different about a muse? A muse doesn’t try to be anything but who they are. They live in their truth, they embrace their gifts, they utilize their talents. In turn, those exposed to them learn to activate something inside themselves that allows them to discover their own truths. This journey of self-discovery changes a person. When one truly aligns with their own truth, they no longer seek validation, acceptance, nor permission to be themselves and live a life aligned with their truth.

How many people are walking this Earth miserable as hell, wishing they could be free from conformity, free from judgment for being true to themselves. Be it clothing, body modification, hair styles or colors, lifestyle choices, the size of your home, how many children you choose to have or not, we all have a choice to live as we see fit, or as someone else deems fit. Muses remove the imposition placed on us by conformity. They show us, it is ok to be an individual, it is ok to do you. Who cares if it makes someone else, some conforming person, uncomfortable? That’s great, maybe it will awaken something in them, spark some long lost light, that will help them see their fear of being their true self, is one imposed by others seeking to use fear as a control mechanism.

How boring would life be if we all looked, sounded, and behaved the same? I encourage you all to see the muses all about your life. Begin seeking them purposefully. Begin allowing them to spark something in you that the world deserves to see free. Begin thinking about how many people could benefit from what you bring to the world, your special, unique, gifts and talents. Begin your journey to “Be The Muse”. 


Live, Laugh, Inspire. Be The Muse.


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