Celebrate Small Victories

As I wake in the morning, I celebrate I conquered yesterday. It gives me the strength and knowledge that I am capable of conquering today as well. I am awake. I am drowsy, but awake. Coffee is my best friend at these times. And as that magical elixir hits my blood stream, the veil falls away and I become present, ready to face another day. I go over my long mental checklist of all the many goals I have to accomplish today, this week, this month, this year, this decade. Slow down. This decade, though? Wow. Yep, there are decade long goals sitting in my head. However, to achieve those goals, I simply have to focus on the goals that come before it.

Goals shift too. Sometimes we have to adjust our plans, be flexible with ourselves. We are always our worst critics. No one can give me hell like I can! I have to be sure to include “Celebrate Yourself” and “Celebrate Small Victories” in my mental checklist, if not literally, write them into my planner. As long as I have done something to get me toward my goals, even if it differs from my intention for the day, I am okay with that. I still feel accomplished, and I examine why this piece is important to the larger plan. I celebrate that I am focused and driven, even if the plan seems to have gone in a different direction. I celebrate because only I can truly validate me. As my toughest critic, it is equally as critical that I give myself the proper praises due. It is critical to success to be asset, rather than deficit driven.


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