Take inventory


Every once in a while I stop everything and have a conversation with self. Sometimes you have to prepare for a spring cleaning in the winter. You have to take an inventory of who and what is currently present in your life. Like cleaning out your closet, some stuff just doesn’t fit right anymore, some stuff is just outdated. 

Look into yourself. You have grown right? Are your circumstances reflecting that growth? Are you stuck? Have you made new connections that reflect your growth, or are you still trying to wear things that just don’t fit anymore? Time to take inventory.

Time to catalogue what is present. Are you holding on to things and people that are taking up space and not allowing room for new experiences and connections to grow? Are your choices of what you’re holding onto limiting your ability to tackle new terrain? Need a pair of hiking boots, but all you own are sneakers? Sometimes we have to realize, through taking inventory, we will never be able to hike through the Yukon in a pair of sneakers. Either you never take the trip, or you go get some hiking boots.

In other words, are the things and people you are holding on to going to help you take your next journey? Do you have what you NEED? ARE YOU CARRYING BAGGAGE FILLED WITH ITEMS IRRELEVANT TO THE MISSION?

Only we can know what we need. But we need to be honest in that evaluation.  Emotional ties and bonds are great when they match up with our journey. We must recognize that when one journey ends and another begins, it may require us to unpack from the last quest, and take inventory of what we need to survive the next one. Do you need a beach ball in the rainforest? A surfboard in the Bering Sea? A ski jacket in the Sahara? Well you get my point.

Take a moment to take inventory. Reevaluate where it is you are trying to go next, and what you will need in transit, and on arrival.


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