A nine letter word that makes many cringe, structure.

A child without structure or discipline is can be picked out easily in a store aisle. They are the ones laying in the aisle screaming and kicking because someone will not submit to their will. Because without structure put in place before hand, trying to put it in place after the fact at the store will have a parent catching a child protective case.

Same thing goes for us as grownups. We belong to many many different circles in life. Each of which may or may not be structured. If we detest structure, we probably cant survive corporate America, higher education systems, etc. And then there are some folk who can tolerate the structure long enough to meet their goals. There are others who intend to change the structure from within. And then, there are those who seek to destroy the structure or sabotage it because they can not meet the standards or prefer an environment of chaos, where they believe their weaknesses and character flaws will go unnoticed.

It is this last group that I find most concerning. They are the grown folk that act loke the kid in the aisle when you try to bring structure into their lives. They fight you tooth and nail. They try to get everyine else to think you want control and power, when really you just want things running smoothly. They are the ones gossiping about everyone,  but are everyone’s buff until they are found out…oh then the whole damn world is conspiring against them. Oh woeds them!

Long  story short, in a number of arenas, and particularly on business and organising,  some structure has to be put in place at the gate. Trying to later implement structure is difficult, and like that child in the aisle, many will rebel. Take care to have these discussions from the beginning it can save your venture in the end.

Also, take note of personalities, those that mesh and those that clash. Put structures in place to manage this if you intend to move forward with everyone involved. Be sure to understand group dynamics, and when something falls within the cycles of group dynamics, and when an issues has long outlived its stage in the cycle. Don’t be afraid to let people go if it just doesn’t work. Keeping them around may make you lose a whole lot more in the long run.

Until next time, keep your child off the aisle floors in Target!


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