Acknowledge you may not be where u want to be but u ain’t where u were at. My first car was a Geo Prism turned dukes of hazard, a literal hazard where by the end I had to climb in the window to get in, and have a boom box to hear tunes. Flash to now, blessed to drive a 2013 Sonata not a Bentley coupe…not yet. But I am not standing in the snow waiting an hour on a bus like I was prior to the Geo. And at that bus stop in the snow, I stood with a baby girl, who I thought would be little forever. She is now 16, leaving for college next fall, off to become a vet.

Life goes on. It changes. It promises nothing but change. Gratitude can show us how we have changed as individuals and how our circumstances change as well. We are often so focused on what we want or where we want to be, that we neglect to reflect on where we have been, what we have achieved, and how we have grown.

In this the season of gratitude it is often the time people forget the most to be thankful. You are alive and breathing! Be grateful. You have an opportunity to work on becoming the best you and improving your life as you deem fit.

I am grateful. For all I have been through in this life has taught me to appreciate all I have been through, because it has made me who I am l, in the journey of who I am to become.

Healing and acceptance promote growth. Don’t just be resilient, grow from your experiences. Learn to be thankful for the hurts, pains, scrapes, and bruises…because they teach you YOU CAN HEAL. Physically,  you do this naturally, involuntarily, but it teaches you that with focus, you can learn to voluntarily do so at will.

Each day be grateful for another opportunity at spiritual growth and all else will fall in line when it is time.

Until next week, may you appreciate yourself and your experiences, and continue to grow. For that, is a blessing.


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