Self or Savior

The law of self-preservation requires saving one’s self before others. For empaths, healers, humanitarians, etc., this seems to be a law most often broken. In our haste to help others, we often neglect to do risk management on ourselves. In social work, we call this “self-care”.

Too often, our beliefs about being a helper are aligned with the notion that self-sacrifice or martydom is a requirement of the “warrior-helper”. The “warrior-helper” equal to the “savior” often believes that in their fight to right the wrongs and ails in the world they must sacrifice their own health, wellbeing, sanity, spirit, perhaps even life, in am effort to save others. Unlike the superhero on the comics, who lives on to save another day, the savior may be too weak or even ill or dead because they have succumb to energy vamps.

Take a day or two and sit with self. Take time to refocus and recenter regularly. The world won’t end because you toom a day off, trust me. And when you jump back in, realigned and reenergized, fresh with creative juices flowing, the world will benefit that much more, but most importantly,  so will you.

To all you saviors out in the  world, remember in order to be great in the roles you play in life…parent, child, teacher, leader, worker, owner, maker, etc., first you must save self from self-sacrificial behaviors. Until next week take care of self, pencil it into your calendars!


One thought on “Self or Savior

  1. Beautiful SeeAsia says:

    Cape is mostly everyday but this time with the concentration to stay longer at my base doing what’s best for me before I launch. And then there’s days where that thing isn’t on at all. “Self care” “Risk Management” in order indeed.

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