The Law of Least Resistance

Sometimes we force things. Force fits are uncomfortable and often produce undesirable outcomes. Perhaps the universe has a rationale, unbeknownst to us at the current point in the timeline, as to why a certain outcome is unfavorable. Many people, yes, especially me, have an issue with forcing the issue. I will fight, fight, fight to make something I believe is the way happen, only to receive sheer resistance from the universe. Why? Because in the time-space continuum, this is not the time and space for this to occur.

Deepak Chopra calls it “The Law of Least Effort”. Same concept, different terminology. All in all, this law confirms that it is in our nature to be and achieve what we are meant to be and achieve. As seasons change without effort, as the sun keeps the planets in orbit without effort, so is it with our life trajectory and what we are naturally meant to do and be. The key is to bring ourselves in tune with the what, who and how of our realities. To be still long enough to intuit the signs, and not focus on the when. Effortlessly, the whole universe opens an infinite number of possibilities if only we are vibrating at the proper frequency to receive the signals.

Until next week, stay in tune.


6 thoughts on “The Law of Least Resistance

  1. Beautyful ShaBorn SoldierofLove Divine says:

    I can definitely bare witness to this! We must learn n respect the science of prediction, patience, yet stay focused n persistent and consistent! Our ‘own good time’ is just that, true peace n happiness is not some destination, enjoy the journey Love! ❤ Peace!

    1. Natural KaliMa says:

      I agree. A journey it is. There are lessons bound to the challenges along the obstacle course. If we slipped past these without learning them we would not be prepped for the nect part of the journey. It like those reality tv survival games…you have to find those cards read the riddle, solve it etc. to figure out your next move.

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